Justin Moore’s “We Didn’t Have Much” Goes to Number-1

Justin Moore’s “We Didn’t Have Much” Goes to Number-1

Congrats to Justin Moore as his song “We Didn’t Have Much” claims the number-one spot in country music!

Justin shares, “It’s just humbling that country radio has continued to support my music after all these years. I signed my record deal in 2007, and they’ve helped make our career so special, providing us hit after hit every year since then. It’s something, certainly, I don’t take for granted. Needless to say, I’m very grateful for those folks and the fans, along with my team around me, which is a ton of folks from road guys, to management, to label, etc. I’m damn proud to work alongside all of them. Cheers to ‘We Didn’t Have Much’ being our 10th #1 song on country radio”

Music can create such a universal connection that artists don’t always have to write the songs they sing – they just to have to find the ones that speak to them in a special way. Justin Moore says that he felt that way when he heard “We Didn’t Have Much”, “First and foremost, I loved the song and I really related to the song when I heard it. I don’t think it’s any secret, I grew up really rural, close to my family, small town. I mean, we did the cliché stuff, eatin’ dinner together, and I did it begrudgingly. But I had to explain to my parents how school was every day and all those things, all the stuff that I annoy my own children with now. And I thought that the song really expressed the beauty that is leading a more simple life. And so I’ve learned throughout my career that if I’m goin’ through somethin’ or if I relate to somethin’, it seems to be somethin’ that a lot of folks relate to.”

For many, after the shutdown and quarantine due to COVID, the message of “We Didn’t Have Much” resonated a lot deeper. Even for Justin, the song’s lyrics touched a little bit deeper, “Yeah, it kinda took on a new meaning once all this stuff hit everybody and I know me and my family we slowed down and really simplified things in our life and made certain we were at least attempting to take care of What mattered and all that good stuff and I think that’s what the song talks about and I think there’s a beauty certainly in that in my opinion in the song I think paints that picture perfectly.”

Congrats to Justin Moore on his 10th number-one song “We Didn’t Have Much.”

Photo Courtesy of Justin Moore


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