Priscilla Block Didn’t Hit the Right Key With Her Piano Lessons

Priscilla Block Didn’t Hit the Right Key With Her Piano Lessons

Priscilla Block started her musical journey as most children do; with piano lessons. But they weren’t exactly her cup of tea. “My mom always wanted me to play piano and so I was in piano lessons, and I would never practice and I would go to piano class, be signing off that I’d practiced.”

But it turns out that all those lessons weren’t actually sticking, “I mean I was not improving that much. I knew the chords, and that was great. And then, sure enough, not long after my parents were like well, we’re not going to keep paying for you to play if you’re not going to practice. And I was like alright, cool.”

Now with the piano lessons off her plate, Priscilla shares that she was able to find her new instrument with a little gentle helping from her mom, “My mom continued to keep encouraging me and she goes, ‘You should pick up the guitar, and you can take it anywhere with you.'”

As luck would have it, she located one, “So, I found a guitar in our attic.”

Priscilla shares that next came learning the instrument, “I taught myself how to play. I knew I couldn’t ask them for lessons because they’re not going to pay for it. So, it was me on YouTube and learning all the Taylor Swift songs on guitar.”

All those self-taught guitar lessons have paid off in the long-run…with her EP that came out this year, and her debut single at country radio, “Just About Over You.”

Photo Credit: Logen Christopher


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