Gone West Disbands Two Months After Debut Album

Gone West Disbands Two Months After Debut Album

Country quartet Gone West—comprised of Colbie Caillat, Justin Kawika Young, Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy—released its debut album, Canyons, on June 12.

Two months later on Aug. 12, Colbie announced via Instagram that she and Justin have decided to leave the group: “After a lot of thought during this time, Justin and I have decided to leave Gone West. Creative partnerships, especially with friends, are both rewarding and challenging at times, and though this was not an easy decision, we know ending the band was the right one. Justin and I are best friends and will continue to make music together forever. We’re so proud of the music the four of us created together over the past three years. Canyons is an album we truly love and cherish, every song holds so much truth in experiences we all go through in life. I want to thank all of my fans and all of Gone Wests fans for supporting our music, coming to our shows, and everything in-between. I also want to thank Country radio, JR & Sirius XM, Triple Tigers and our entire teams hard work and creativity, and for believing in us and helping our music get out into the world. Thany you all. Here’s to whatever adventure comes next…”

Comprised of two-time Grammy-winner Colbie Caillat, Grammy-winning songwriter Jason Reeves, Hawaiian recording artist Justin Kawika Young and ACM Award nominee Nelly Joy, the four members joined forces in 2018 after successful individual careers as recording artists and songwriters.

The members of the group have known each other for more than a decade. Nelly and Jason are married, while Colbie and Justin recently broke off their engagement but continue to remain close friends. The foursome’s moniker was an homage to their homes states—Iowa, Texas, California and Hawaii—which, of course, are all west of their current Nashville residence.

photo by Tammie Arroyo, AFF-USA.com


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