Watch Lindsay Ell Shred and Knock ’Em Dead in New “Waiting On You” Video

Watch Lindsay Ell Shred and Knock ’Em Dead in New “Waiting On You” Video

Lindsay Ell is gearing up for the release of her debut album, The Project, in August by dropping a new video for her current single, “Waiting on You.”

The video, which was directed by Peter Zavadil, features Lindsay shredding on guitar with her band in a rustic Nashville warehouse as she puts vocals to the tune she co-penned with Adam Hambrick and Andrew DeRoberts.

“It is the first song that started this whole project because when we originally started talking with Kristian Bush to produce my whole record, ‘Waiting on You’ was the song that all of us were like, ‘You know what, there’s something to this,’” Lindsay said in April. “As an artist, I came to town really trying to find what I wanted to sound like. I think it took me years of doing the wrong thing to finally find the right thing. ‘Waiting on You’ is the first song where I could honestly be like, ‘That’s me.’ If I was given three minutes with somebody whose never heard my name before, to really hear what’s going on in my heart and hear what I sound like, ‘Waiting on You’ would be it.”

Check out Lindsay’s new music video below.


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