Jameson Rodgers Wants His Debut Album, Bet You’re From A Small Town, To Make You Feel Something

Jameson Rodgers‘ debut album, Bet You’re From A Small Town, is available now!

This is an incredibly personal project for Jameson – starting with the album’s title, “Being from a small town in Mississippi, I’m well aware that not everyone gets to do music for a living.” 

Jameson says that his album, Bet You’re From A Small Town, has been a long time coming. After being in town for more than a decade, he’s happy that this is another achievement that he can mark off in his career, “You know, it’s surreal. It’s what you work for, you know what I mean. I moved to town 11 years ago dreaming of putting out your first record I’ve been fortunate to put a few EPs out at the time but I don’t know it’s just something special for record. Super, super thankful I’m getting to do it and you know you dream of having a number one and writing number-ones, and playing shows and man all the stars are starting to align for me and try not to mess it all up you know.”

Talking about the tracks on the album, Jameson shares, “I got to put a song I called ‘Missing One’ on the record, that’s you know been a staple for me for the last 4 years so like all the die-hard fans that have been with me for a long time or I think they’ll appreciate me putting that song…letting it get it’s kind of get it’s a fair shake, or so you. Song called ‘Girls That Smoke’ we did a new version of that one and looking forward to everybody hearing this record, it’s some of my favorite songs I’ve written, some best singing that I’ve done”

Whether it’s something like “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” “Missing One,” “Good Dogs,” or the title track to his new album, Bet You’re From A Small Town Jameson wants listeners to know that all the songs he creates are from his heart, and he hope that when you hear them, that they move you in some way, “When I write songs I just try to make people feel something. These songs make me feel something…it’s from the heart, it’s very authentic and genuine to me, and I hope they dig it.”

Jameson says, “For years, I’ve flipped through liner notes on albums and read through their credits and thank-yous. I got to do that with my own debut album, and it was absolutely surreal,”

Bet You’re From a Small Town track list;

1. “One Day” (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Will Bundy/Lynn Hutton)
2. “Merle Haggard” (Jameson Rodgers/Lynn Hutton/Jake Mitchell)
3. “Close to Anything” (Jameson Rodgers/Brent Anderson/Jake Mitchell/Hunter Phelps)
4. “Bet You’re from a Small Town” (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Will Bundy/Lynn Hutton)
5. “Missing One” (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Hunter Phelps)
6. “You Won’t” (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Will Bundy/Lynn Hutton)
7. “Girl with the Broken Heart” (Jameson Rodgers/Michael Hardy/Jake Mitchell)
8. “Bars Back Home” (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Ashley Gorley/Hunter Phelps)
9. “Porch with a View” (Jameson Rodgers/Brent Anderson/Jake Mitchell/Hunter Phelps)
10. “Bringing It Back” (Jameson Rodgers/Jake Mitchell)
11. “Girls That Smoke” (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Brent Anderson)
12. “Cold Beer Calling My Name” feat. Luke Combs (Jameson Rodgers/Hunter Phelps/Brett Tyler/Alysa Vanderheym)
13. “Some Girls” (Michael Hardy/Jake Mitchell/C.J. Solar)
14. “Good Dogs” (Jameson Rodgers/Brent Anderson/Jake Mitchell/Hunter Phelps)
15. “Desert” (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Josh Miller/Jake Mitchell)

Jameson Rodgers’ debut album, Bet You’re From A Small Town, which includes “Cold Beer Calling My Name” with Luke Combs, is available now…

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato


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