Watch Ellen DeGeneres Make Garth Brooks Blush About the Title of His New Single, “Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance”

Garth Brooks stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show today (Oct. 21) to perform his new single, “Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance,” which marked the television debut of the new tune. But before Garth took his talents to Ellen’s stage, the hostess gave him a good-natured grilling about what the title to the song actually means.

“It’s ‘Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance,’ which is a awkward way to dance, I think,” said Ellen to Garth. “I tweeted you about it. I was confused about the title and some of your fans answered what they thought it was. But you explain to me what ‘Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance’ means.”

After Garth tried to give Ellen a frivolous explanation about snow angels, he finally admitted, to the audience’s amusement, that “There’s only one thing left [for it to mean], right?”

“So then my question to you is, how often do you lay down and dance, and what is your favorite room to lay down and dance in?” asked Ellen.

“Any room with Mrs. Yearwood in it,” answered Garth.

Check out the clip below, as well as his performance of “Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance.”


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