Watch Kellie Pickler Get the Tawagoto Scared Out of Her on “Ellen”

The always-bubbly Kellie Pickler made her 18th appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show today (Sept. 27) to talk about, among other things, her recent trip to Tokyo that will be featured on an hour-long episode of I Love Kellie Pickler on Sept. 29.

True to form, Ellen used Kellie’s trip to the Far East as a catalyst for scaring the tawagoto (look it up) out of her.

As Kellie was conversing about dressing as a geisha during her trip, one of Ellen’s henchmen—dressed as a geisha—sprung from inside the end table and scared her.

“Oh, my god!” said Kellie. “What the hell was that?”

Check out the clip below—skip to the 2:35 mark for the geisha surprise.

photo by Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.


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