Joe Nichols: Who Are You Listening To?

Just because they sing country music, doesn’t mean that artists like Joe Nichols listen to just country music. His tastes are as varied as many of ours.

Joe released a second single, “Undone,” from his untitled album due out later this year and talked to Nash Country Daily back in May about the single. “Sometimes you just have a gut feeling on songs and we definitely had a gut feeling on this one,” Joe said.

We also asked Joe about the artists he’s listening to, and in our first installment of Who Are You Listening To?, Joe Nichols filled us in on five artists that are on his iPod . . . at least for now.

Check out his list of five below:

1. Alice In Chains

2. Nirvana

3. Merle Haggard

4. George Strait

5. Don Williams

Photo by Ford Fairchild/ BBR Music Group


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