Watch Maren Morris Go On a Fantastic Voyage in “’80s Mercedes” Video

If Maren Morris has proved anything from her two most recent music videos, it’s that she’s a fan of Mercedes-Benz. After hitting the road in a Benz earlier this year in her “My Church” video, Maren dropped the top in a 380SL for her new “80s Mercedes” clip.

Not only does she get behind the wheel in the video for “80s Mercedes,” but Maren steps it up a notch by stretching out on the hood and getting comfy with a young fellow on the trunk. The dreamlike ride wouldn’t be complete without some neon lights.

If Maren keeps doting on the Benz, there could be a Mercedes endorsement in her future . . . but please, kids, don’t forget to buckle your seat belts.

Check out the new video.


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